Practice Philosophy



Life’s journey is challenging. From the time we’re born we begin to form, on the basis of our experience, expectations and attitudes about ourselves, about others and about life. Our needs and desires can be supported or thwarted. While our learning is initially adaptive, these learned attitudes and expectations  can encumber our current lives. If these encumbrances interfere with our wellbeing, we can seek professional psychotherapeutic help.

My approach to psychotherapy is to create a safe, non-judgmental and trusting atmosphere where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings. I believe that each of us is endowed with a fundamental striving to develop our unique self. Together we will follow closely your needs, desires and emotions that anchor your sense of self. We will pay close attention to your dreams for we do some of our most productive thinking about our internal concerns at night. While  reinforcing self-enhancing attitudes, we will identify those attitudes that encumber you, explore and gradually comprehend how they originated from past and current relational experience. This in-depth understanding will enable you to gain freedom from problematic attitudes, increasing your sense of personal agency. Through our emotional engagement we will make it possible for you to create vitalizing relational experience, enabling you to live a more productive and satisfying life.



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